Hiraoka's response to the spread of COVID-19 infections

Dear Customer,

First of all, Hiraoka would like to express our deepest sympathies to all those affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

With the safety and security of customers and employees as our top priority,
Hiraoka has been implementing the following measures in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections.

1. The meetings are held on the Web.
2. Employees are encouraged to work from home as much as possible and
  some employees stagger their working hours to avoid rush hour.
3. Wearing a mask during commuting hours and working.
4. Employees are required to check their temperature before going to work.
  If an employee has a fever or shows other symptoms, they are instructed to stay home.
5. We thoroughly alcohol disinfection in the office.
6. The partitions are installed in the office.
7. Nonessential and non-urgent outings and business trips are generally prohibited.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

August 2021
Toshifumi Hiraoka