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Compounding Technology

Compounding Technology

Compounding Technology is one of several design approaches used to confer properties such as flame retardant and weather resistance to tent sheets, mesh, and covers as required by application. Based on their functionality and cost performance various properties can be created and adjusted by adding new materials to polymeric materials.
After years of extensive research and development, HIRAOKA has constructed an original compounding technology.

Polymeric Materials

Thermoplastic Resin

The collective term for resin, that when exposed to heat, flows and then solidifies after it cools down.

Main Polymeric Materials General Versatility Cost Flame Retardant Welder Property Heat-sealing Property
Soft Polyvinyl Chloride Reasonable
Polyurethane Expensive
EVA Reasonable ×
Soft Olefin Polymer Slightly expensive × ×
Silicone Resin Expensive × ×
Fluorine-based Resin Considerably expensive ×

Thermo-hardening Resin

Hardened by adding heat.